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3 Tips for Staying Organized While Planning a Smoky Mountain Wedding

Smoky Mountain Wedding flower bouquetAre all of those little wedding details starting to pile up? No matter how much time you spend planning your wedding, you’ll notice that the smallest details can be easily forgotten. Well, we’re here to help. At Hearthside at the Preserve, we offer professional wedding planning services, so you don’t have to worry about making sure those little details are covered. To help keep you organized, we’ve put together a list of reminders so you can worry a little less when you’re planning the Smoky Mountain wedding of your dreams.

How to Organize Your PlansWedding planning notebook
We make sure to include brides in every step of the wedding planning process, because we know it’s all about making your day as special as possible. Some brides like to keep track of all of the paperwork, ideas and pictures, in a notebook or binder. This way, all of the little details can be stored away in one central spot. Here’s a few things to include in your notebook:

  • A checklist of things you will need to bring for your wedding day in the Smokies.
  • Finalized guest list and wedding party list. No, you’re not going to forget who is attending your wedding, but it helps to have an exact list, so you know how many people you will be planning for.
  • Contact information for every guest. This comes in handy when you’re sending out invitations and thank you cards.
  • Contact information for caterers, photographers and anyone else who will play an important role on your big day.

Chapel at the Preserve1. Set a Budget

At Hearthside at the Preserve, we have a variety of customizable wedding packages, perfect for any budget. Some packages include photographs, a DVD of the ceremony and a cake. Our Ultimate Wedding package is completely customizable, so the bride and groom can create the wedding of their dreams. Here’s a few things to add to the notebook for budget-setting:

  • Make a list of your priorities, and allow a certain budget for each item. For example, set a specific budget for the dress, catering, cake, etc.
  • Keep track of receipts, so you know exactly how much you have spent.
  • Hold on to any signed documents for big purchases, like catering, photography or limousine services.

2. Prepare for the Ceremony and ReceptionBride and groom at wedding

HearthSide at the Preserve is a beautiful destination for your Smoky Mountain wedding. Overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains, The Preserve features a wedding chapel, pavilion and banquet room, all available for your wedding day. Remembering your special day is easy with our excellent photography services that catch every breathtaking moment of your big day. Here’s a few things you’ll want to remember to talk to our wedding planners about:

  • Special wedding ceremony setup requirements
  • List of your wedding party and the order the will enter/exit the ceremony
  • Photography and videography services
  • Music for the wedding ceremony
  • Bouquets, flowers and other decorations

Tennessee marriage license3. Remember the Little Details

The little details tend to creep up behind you. Our wedding planners are great for helping you remember the little things, but here’s a couple pieces some couples forget:

  • Tennessee marriage license
  • Playlist for the DJ with special songs
  • Even though your wedding day is sure to be perfect, pack a small sewing kit just in case of any unexpected rips or tears. It also helps to have extra bobby pins for your hair, and tissues for guests at the ceremony.

Other advice:Displaying wedding rings over bridal bouquet

  • Keep track of gifts received for thank you notes. It helps to put someone in charge of keeping this list throughout the day, because you will be too busy to worry about making a gift list.
  • Make sure to choose a honeymoon cabin in the Smoky Mountains. HearthSide Cabin Rentals offers a great selection of fully equipped cabins, perfect for your honeymoon. They also offer cabins large enough for your entire family to stay together to celebrate your wedding day.

When you’re planning a Smoky Mountain wedding, let us take care of making sure your dreams come true. If you have any questions about planning or reserving your wedding, give us a call at (877) 677-5481. We can’t wait to see you in the Smokies!

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