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Creekside Cove Chapel

Styled after the same architecture that early area settlers would have used in their chapels, our Creekside Cove Chapel is the ideal place for couples looking to enjoy an intimate Smoky Mountain wedding.

This rustic chapel in Pigeon Forge has the capacity to accommodate up to 20 wedding guests. However, there is no limit to the number of guests for couples choosing to get married in the enchanting meadow outside of the chapel.

Inside Creekside Cove Chapel, couples will find beautifully stained glass windows, a classical organ, and simple but elegant decor. In addition, couples will be in awe as they see the way the light-colored stain on the wood inside the chapel reflects light that makes it appear as if it is illuminating during your wedding ceremony.

Outside of our Creekside Cove Chapel, guests will find a variety of picturesque Smoky Mountain wedding photo opportunities.

The first of these opportunities is the secluded gazebo that is surrounded by a beautiful rose garden and thick forest of trees. The natural setting of the venue will ensure that all focus is on the happy couple during their big day.

Another scenic spot located near the Creekside Cove Chapel is the lovely wooded bridge that couples cross on their way to the Pigeon Forge wedding chapel. Not only is the bridge the perfect opportunity to showcase all members of the wedding party, but it is also a nice way to symbolize the joining of the two families.

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