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5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

One of the sweetest ways to celebrate your wedding day is with a unique cake. If you and your fiance have a sweet tooth, this might even be one of your favorite parts of wedding planning. Since there are so many options available to brides and grooms, we have five tips to choosing the perfect wedding cake for the day you say “I do.”

1. Find the Style.

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Beyond traditional round cakes, there are square, petal, hexagonal and oval. When it comes to icing, there are a slew of options ranging from buttercream and whipped to fondant. Being prepared with swatches and photos when consulting with a baker makes the process much easier.

 2. Be Creative.

couple cutting wedding cake outdoorsSince you probably now know the theme  and colors, incorporate some of that vision into the design of the cake. Popular inspirations for the wedding cake include locations, fashion and nature. Whether you want to add a lace detail from your dress or a flower that reminds you of your first date, the cake can be another detail that makes the day one-of-a-kind.

For couples who want less formal Gatlinburg wedding cakes, cupcakes and pies are unique options. Having an individual cupcake for guests is a fun way to enjoy an outdoor celebration. Some couples forgo the cake altogether and create a dessert bar with smaller cakes, pastries and doughnuts. This fun treat offers a variety of options for those who are less decisive or just want more options.

Although a tiered wedding cake is tradition, couples can make the celebration what they want. If you want pie, dipped fruit, cheesecake or crepes, have what you want. Traditional wedding cakes are beautiful, but they’re not your only option!

3. Know Your Servings.

There are hundreds of options for wedding cakes, from small to large, round to square. Many brides like to look of a larger wedding cake, but that size cake is too large for an intimate gathering.

Often, a bride and groom will be seen cutting a cake that is too small to feed guests, while there are sheet cakes sliced by wait staff that are designed to match. This saves money because sheet cakes are more inexpensive and easier to slice.

cake serving guide

If you’d rather only serve the single wedding cake, the easiest way to determine the size needed is knowing how many people each layer will serve. For fewer servings, subtract a tier. For larger servings, add a tier. Couples never want to run out of slices for guests, but there’s also no need to pay for a cake with leftovers to feed 50.

A petal cake results in less servings per layer, which means a larger cake might be needed. Whereas, a round or square cake might allow for more slices because of the simple shape. Though most cake shapes allow for a similar number of servings, be sure to speak with your baker to make sure there will be plenty to go around the wedding reception.

4. Top Off a Year Together.

Most couples save the top tier for their one year anniversary, so be sure to make that clear to the baker when choosing a design. If you have a smaller cake, we recommend adding in an extra layer or another small cake to save for the anniversary.

To save the top layer, wrap it aluminum foil. Completely cover the cake with plastic wrap and an air tight zipping bag or aluminum foil if the bag is too small. This will protect the cake from souring and having a freezer taste.

When your anniversary arrives, you’ll be able to defrost the cake in the refrigerator a few hours before eating.

5. Choose the Right Baker.

white wedding cakeJust like choosing the right dress for your occasion, choosing the right baker can make the cake as picture-perfect as you’d imagined. HearthSide at the Preserve has developed and fostered relationships with the best wedding vendors in the Smoky Mountains, so a wedding with us includes only the best of the best.

From professional photography with a mountain backdrop to stunning Gatlinburg wedding cakes, Your Smoky Mountain Wedding can create a dream celebration, complete with unforgettable memories and unique details.

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